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Brutal Adult Sex Lines
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Extreme Sex on the Phone with Women

Welcome to the most fucked up adult service in the UK. Our brutal adult sex lines are run by a bunch of horny telephone sluts with twisted thoughts and debauched fantasies. Some of the things that come out of their mouths are downright disgusting. Luckily for you, on our taboo adult chat line, you can talk to these women for a long as you want. Once you’ve enjoyed a lengthy phone fuck with one of our submissive/dominating girls you’ll never be the same again. Our cheap hardcore kinky telephone sex numbers were made for those who do love to get themselves mixed up in sexual activity that might be considered illegal in some parts of the world.

Bruising Sex Chat UK

Our insane 35p domination phone sex lines are not for those who can’t sustain a little brutality/humiliation because our girls don’t give a fuck about who they hurt. If you have sick/twisted fantasies that you don’t want the world to know about, you can rest assured that no one will hear a peep out of us. The mistresses in control of our insane domination phone sex lines don’t know when to stop; even after you cum, they won’t let you hang up the phone until you’ve given them everything that they want.

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Our dirty chat girls love being in control and will have you obeying their every word by the time they’re through with you. In the past, there have been guys who tried to disobey our kinky girls—ultimately, they ended up suffering for it. To be honest with you, the commanding vixens on our cheap 35p domination chat line are scary, scary enough to bring the largest giants to their knees.

However, we also have timid/shy girls on our hardcore sex line and these girls will do absolutely anything for you, no matter how disgusting it is. In fact, these submissive phone sex girls will get turned on the rougher/dirtier you are with them so don’t think about holding back. Have we scared you yet? If you’re after a good time and want to experience kinky chat on our cheap brutal adult sex lines, you should call us now. Our horny phone sluts can’t wait to take control of your life, and if you’re a good boy, they may even let you slip your hard dick into their sweet tight cunts. This hardcore taboo adult chat line is the best thing going and you will love every single minute of it.

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